THE PRINCESS OF KILELESHWA (Based on a true story)

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They say that life has a way of snatching away the people who matter to us, in it’s own inimitable ways,
Sometimes a safe journey message might be the last word you receive from a loved one,
Life is unpredictable and no matter how successful you are, be nice to people, tomorrow is never promised!
A while back when I was working in one of Kenya’s top pineapple producing companies, I received a friend request from a beautiful lady,

Although I knew her not, I didn’t decline it, I accepted and continued with my errands at the white man’s farm,
A few hours later when I got home, I received a call from an unknown number, upon picking it, a soft soprano voice echoed back,
“Hello Prince, my name is Princess Zedd, I got your number on Facebook we’re friends there, hope you don’t mind!” She uttered,
“How may I help you?” I enquired; She said she was in love with me and she could do anything to keep me on her side!
Since I was just from highschool, fresh from in this school of life I gave in after several days of chatting,

Princess was way above my league, actually her family resided in one of the high end estates in Kenya, Kileleshwa,
Late night calls was her thing, we could talk for more than two hours untill sleep catches up with one of us,
She insisted that we should meet in town, so during my off days I boarded a matatu to town, to meet my soulmate,
We met in one of the five star hotels in town, she paid for the food and drinks too, all this time I was hanging in disbelief,

She wore a short red dress that struggled to reach her knees, a black lipstick and long soft hair that comfortably slept on her back,
After the meal she escorted me to the bus station, kissed me goodbye and left the city in her red BMW luxurious car,
When I got home the first thing I thought was to give her a call, just to say thank you for everything,
Her phone was off, I switched on the TV, I was shocked to see the wreckage of her red car being pulled away by fire marshalls, princess was no more! She died in a fatal road accident!

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