Jasmine ๐Ÿ‘‘

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The smile of an angel calls out from a distance far away, she’s the royal queen of the Eastern kingdom,
She hails from the land of the great Nzambani rock, famously known for switching genders,
From one of Africa’s greatest jungles, the prince has found a golden treasure hidden underneath,
Like the morning sun, her cute broad face lights up the world, her smile is quite infectious,

I want to play jazz for Jasmine, call the maidens for me, i want to pop a bottle of champagne,
Take a look at her beautiful legs, a laud of applause as she steps on the Dias,
I bless the day your mama gave birth to you, were it not for her, where would we find such a peacock,?
Walk with me little princess, just like Joshua I’ll take you to the promised land.

I might not afford you since you come from an affluent family, but remember the sun will go down tonight and tomorrow it shall rise,
You’re an intelligent young lady, wiser than all your age mates, come let’s build our own castle,
As you go to sleep tonight, meditate on those words my queen, I’ll always be here for you Jaz,
A good woman like you deserves all the best that life can offer, the world is listening… hesitate not!

A special dedication to my best friend Jasmine Kathy.

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