Goodbye My Friend😭🖤

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You were the most interesting human character I’ve ever met, Julia,
We grew up together in the countryside, we never had bouncing castles but we were happy,
Mama used to ask of your whereabouts when you went silent on me,
Though your father was always bitter on me, you never gave up on us,

Under the yellow scorching sun we played together, hopping like desert frogs,
You were not my soulmate but everyone else thought we were in love,
I’m still perplexed Julia, my heart is bleeding every single day,
Why did you leave me alone? Segregated in this dark world!

We never hid anything from each other, you were like family to me,
Neither did we fight over these worldly pleasures, we were the talk of our village,
We shared almost everything including birthmarks,
But the angel of death decided to grab you out of my feeble hands,

I know you’re in heaven dancing with angels,
It is well my friend, hold on till we meet again,
This world is not our home, we are just passing through,
All human beings shall taste the reward of sin, It is written, “From dust we were made and dust we shall return!” Goodbye my friend😭😭😭🖤

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