Dear Mama😥

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How did you cope with my clamorous, high-pitched cry?
When i came out cold like an ice cube in a refrigerator,
How did you manage to raise me even when i didn’t comply?
The pain i caused you that night on the elevator,

How did you feel when i touched your lips for the first time?
With my little tender hands soft as lamb fur,
How i clinged to your titties from dawn to noontime?
Mishandling the spongy baloons like an inexperienced chauffeur,

Grandma narrated to me what premiered on that fateful night,
She said you were too weak to push me out,
Then you were left alone by the medic to decide on your fright,
Whether to save yourself or the infant of doubt!

Like a warrior, you whispered to him in absentia of kinsmen,
‘…Let the child live,’ not worrying whether she would be gone forever!
When she stepped out of the theater, weary, they all shouted Amen,
You are my true first love mama, your affection endures forever!

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